BUSINESS Coach Plans

Business coach service comes with several plans to meet all needs, in terms of commitment and dedication. Each plan has a yearly duration regarding business coaching sessions. Content publishing will start in January 2022, which means memberships content access will be extended until the end of 2022.

Book one-off consultation for $69

Need help deciding? Try out the service, book a one-off consultation. No long-term commitment, just address one specific problem, and make an informed decision about how to solve it the best way.


Basic coaching plan to help budding entrepreneurs with their project on a budget

69 $/month (billed yearly)

Access to MASTER Class content

15 Minutes video interview

1 Business Coach session / month (30 minutes)


Starter business coach plan to help business owners growing their brand, products and services

134 $/month (billed yearly)

Access to MASTER Class content

30 Minutes video interview

2 Business Coach sessions / month (45 min. each)

Option to buy Professional Services

Reach your Personal Coach by e-mail

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Advanced business coach plan to help business owners grow and scale their business faster

259 $/month (billed yearly)

Access to MASTER Class content

60 Minutes video interview

4 Business Coach sessions / month (60 min. each)

-10% off on Professional Services

Reach your Personal Coach by e-mail or chat

Complementary gift to promote your Business

1 Urgent call / month to deal with unexpected sh*t

How Do I Know if a business coach is right for me?


With a MASTER Class membership, you will have access to a dedicated business coach as well as a suite of training materials designed to help you become a successful entrepreneur. When (if ever) your business require, we also offer paid professional services to further help your business.

Is MASTER CLASS ONLY FOR entrepreneurs?

While the MASTER Class is a premium membership for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners looking to accelerate their business. The membership includes access to basic to advanced training material that can help everyone.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

It is always more simple to have a good start, than correct a business that took the wrong turns. While it is always possible to remedy and improve an established business, the entrepreneurs of a Start-up will get the most out of the MASTER Class, business coaching program.


No, this would not be possible. To provide quality service, every customer booking the business coaching membership will reserve a specific amount of time, dedicated to personal coaching talks. To achieve this quality level, places are currently limited to 10 for each year.


Of course! If you think that you have got a good idea, our dedicated coaching program will help you present it in the best possible way to attract crowdfunding investors, build a well designed project, and overall polish all that relates to communication.

Business Coach Program: MASTER Class - Sistema Kudos

Improve your business with our business coach program: MASTER Class. We help entrepreneurs and store owners achieve higher, better goals.

Service Type: business coach

Price: 690-2590

Currency: USD

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